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Ball Pit

Sensory Explorers

Our parent-and-me group is designed for toddlers (12 months and older)

to engage in hands-on sensory play in our outdoor setting.

To register for this group, schedule a free consultation.

For children (and younger siblings) already in our practice, your child's OT

can take care of your registration directly. 

Is my child the right age for SENSORY EXPLORERS

This parent-and-me group is designed for toddlers (12 mo. + up).

Thursdays, 10:30am - 11:30am

Groups take place in the spring and summer months. 

Through hands-on play activities, we will explore our eight (yes, 8!) sensory systems. Our play-based sensory exploration includes plenty of strategies and tools for parents and caregivers to support exploration during group and at home.

FAQs for Handwrting Heroes
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