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Handwriting Club

TK to rising 3rd graders / 5 to 8 years old

 Handwriting Without Tears® multi-sensory approach to writing​


To register for Handwriting Club or to learn more about OT services, contact

Leah at or call us at (323) 641-3662.



Each session of Handwriting Club meets once a week for 6 weeks. 

The "Intensive" meets daily for 5 days.

A Parent Workshop is offered via Zoom prior to the start of the group. 

Is my child the right age for HANDWRITING CLUB?

Rising pre-K/TK to rising 3rd graders are welcome at camp. That’s roughly ages 5 to 8 years old. 

We use Handwriting Without Tears®, a developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory curriculum for writing​


Camp takes place at Hiller Therapy, an indoor/outdoor OT therapy studio located at 1137 S Point View Street in Los Angeles. Because we use both indoor and outdoor spaces during camp, please dress for the weather, and plan for getting messy. We strongly encourage wearing socks (for inside) and closed-toed shoes (for outside). Please send your child with sunscreen already applied.


How much does HANDWRITING CLUB cost?

Camp costs $510 for each 6-session group. That comes out to $85 per session. The 5-day intensive is $100 per sessions, and $500 for the week. Because the group experience is an important part of Handwriting Club, we cannot offer a daily rate. 


How many kids are in a HANDWRITING CLUB?

Groups are limited to 6-8 children. This helps up ensure at least a 2:1 student-to-teacher ratio. That way your child receives individualized attention while reaping the benefits of an exciting group experience.


Can handwriting actually be fun?

Yes, it’s really fun! We use Handwriting Without Tears®, a developmentally appropriate and multi-sensory curriculum for writing instruction.


Does my child need to be in OT to benefit? 

No way! These groups are designed both for children with identified needs and those that are looking for a fun way to strengthen skills. Our groups are thoughtfully designed to meet and celebrate our different strengths, interests, and abilities.



All groups are led by Leah (a pediatric occupational therapist and credentialed teacher) along with a Masters-level occupational therapy student from USC and a team of talented assistants. Together, we offer a creative, collaborative approach to writing instruction that combines extensive experience with Handwriting Without Tears®. This team approach to teaching ensures individualized attention with a 2:1 ratio. 


Do you offer training to the grown-ups?

Yes, we do! During each series, Leah will lead an optional FREE workshop for parents all about fine motor development and skills for school success. The workshop will include strategies and plenty of fun games to play at home. If you are unable to attend, we will send materials home with your child on the day of the workshop. The Parent Workshops will be offered during your child’s camp session.


How do you track progress during HANDWRITING CLUB?

Each child will be briefly screened at the beginning and each of club to track individual progress. We will provide some strategies and games to ensure carryover and success at school.