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Executive C.H.E.F.S.

7 to 12 years old

Cooking to build Executive Functioning + Self-Reg 

To register for this group, schedule a free consultation.

For children already in our practice, your child's OT can take care of your registration directly. 

What is Executive C.H.E.F.S TM? 

C.H.E.F.S. stands for Cooking at Home to build Executive Functioning + Social Skills + Self-Reg. This group offers an engaging way to develop and practice these vital skills while making delicious meals and wacky sensory creations. This group is led by creative and skilled OTs drawing upon evidenced-based tools, and it's modeled after our favorite game shows and cooking shows. Each session offers team-building games, individual challenges, and new opportunities to build self-confidence. Plus, they'll make dinner for your family! 


What is executive functioning?

In short, it's really important! Getting organized, managing emotions, remembering things, starting tasks, and finishing projects - that is all executive functioning. It's the cognitive skills we use to analyze tasks, break them into steps, and get things done. These skills allow us to manage our time effectively, solve multi-step problems, and self-regulate. 

When is Executive CHEFS TM?

Each session meets on six consecutive Mondays and Wednesdays.

Is my child the right age for Executive CHEFSTM?

Rising 1st graders to rising 5th graders are welcome at camp. That’s roughly ages 7 to 12 years old. 

During each session, we regularly group and regroup into smaller groups and pairs based on interests and abilities.


Where is Executive CHEFSTM?
This group takes place in your kitchen. It's taught virtually via Zoom.


Does my child need to be in OT to benefit? 

No way! These groups are designed both for children with identified needs and those that are looking for a fun way to strengthen skills. Our groups are thoughtfully designed to meet and celebrate our different strengths, interests, and abilities. If applicable, insurance superbills are available upon request.

How much does Executive CHEFSTM cost?

This group costs $480 for each 6-session group. That comes out to $80 per session. Because the group experience is an important part of Executive CHEFSTM, we cannot offer a daily rate.

Who leads the Executive CHEFSTM group?

All groups are led by Leah (a pediatric OT and a credentialed teacher) with Masters-level occupational therapy students. Together, we offer a creative, collaborative approach that combines our extensive experience with evidenced-based tools. This team approach to teaching ensures individualized attention with a 2:1 ratio. 

How will I know what ingredients we need? 

A list of recipes and a shopping list will be provided before the session starts. We do our best to use simple ingredients and tools you already have in your pantry.


Will I need to be present?

That depends. Standby assistance is helpful for kitchen safety, locating kitchen tools, and tech trouble-shooting.

FAQs for Handwrting Heroes
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