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Raising A Sensory Smart Child | Book Review

As Dr. Temple Grandin writes in her compelling forward, Raising A Sensory Smart Child offers "insights and answers" for sensory processing issues that parents need. While the book does do just that - with an introduction to the sensory systems and their neurological underpinnings - pages and pages of solutions to everyday problems are why I recommend this book to every family with a child that has sensory challenges. The most highlighted, dog-eared sections of my well-worn copy include practical sensory-based solutions for:

  • bathing, hair-washing, and brushing teeth

  • picky eating and other food issues

  • strategies for improving sleep

  • tactile sensitivity to clothing

In simple, bullet-pointed lists, the authors offer the wisdom of all of the therapists, parents, and children that have shared the same struggles. For me - and for many families - it offers some hope, even when you are sure you've tried everything.

By Lindsey Biel, M.A., OTR/L and Nancy Peske

439 pages. Penguin Books. $17.00.

Recommended for those who love and care for a child

with sensory processing issues.

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